The World’s Only Programmable Linux Computer in a microSD Card
Secure your IoT devices and apps
Bluechip Systems has developed a programmable low-power, high-performance processor called MicroCloud X4. The platform offers a security-centric software ecosystem built on standards-based cryptography, military-grade environmental robustness, and plug-and-play capability for Mobile and IoT devices with standard microSD, SD or USB ports.
The tiniest Linux computer ever created MicroCloud X4
Protect Your Apps with MicroCloud X4
Bluechip X4 can bring secure computation, storage, and communication to a wide variety of devices
MicroCloud X4 provides government, military, and enterprise customers with a pluggable and interoperable hardware platform for secure SCOPE (Storage, Communication, Operating system, and Processing Environment). MicroCloud X4 brings instant protection to devices which do not have their own secure computational resources, or when these resources are not considered trusted.
Mobile Devices
Secure your apps from malicious attacks
Using the BlueSDK and SAIFE SDK, you can build secure apps that take advantage of secure computation, data at rest, and data in transit powered by the Bluechip X4.
IoT Devices
Preventing attacks on connected devices
Bluechip is actively developing solutions that work with devices such as smart meters to securely store and transmit data from sensors in the X4 encrypted BlueVault. BlueSDK will allow developers of IoT devices to similarly secure their data at rest and data in transit.
Protecting ground control of UAVs and aerial images captured by drones
With Bluechip X4, drones can encrypt their ground to air traffic. Similarly, BlueVault can ensure the data captured by a drone is fully secured in an encrypted partition in the event of crash, seizure, or loss of the aircraft.
BlueVault is the ultimate way to protect your imagery
Using Bluechip X4, image data captured by GoPros, body cams, and other cameras is securely moved from an open partition to the highly encrypted, fully hidden BlueVault. The combination of Bluechip X4 and BlueVault guarantees that only applications using BlueSDK with the appropriate keys can access this data. A complete chain of custody is maintained to ensure no image data has been manipulated after capture - for forensic purposes.
Encrypted computation and storage for next generation wearables
Bluechip X4 is uniquely poised to supercharge the next generation of wearable applications by adding computational capabilities, and securing critical personal health data both at rest and in transit.
MicroCloud X4: A Complete Solution
Unified, low power, high-performance HW endpoint
  • Linux-based computational engine and secure storage in microSD card for secure SCOPE (Storage, Communication, Operating system, and Processing Environment)
  • DAR/DIT Keystore, user data and crypto engine are offloaded from a host into invisible locked Vault partition
  • Seamless interfacing with customer applications through secure iTraffic layer.
  • Complete platform-agnostic Dual Persona mode, booting host with customer OS, Apps and Data stored in MicroCloud
  • Quad-core parallel processing of computation demanding algorithms (proprietary encryption algorithms, voice/image/sensors processing, etc.), using patented SoC architecture
MicroCloud X4 Benefits
MicroCloud creates plug-and-play security envelope for stand-alone or networked devices, making them impregnable for most harmful types of cyber attacks

MicroCloud protects:
  • Sensitive user data in phones, tablets, flash drives and security cards
  • Residential and Enterprise Gateways
  • Smart meters of power grids
  • Sensors of oil/water/gas pipelines
  • Sensors and controls of autonomous and connected vehicles and drones
  • ATM’s and Point of Sale terminals
MicroCloudX4 provides capabilities to authorized applications executing on a host device. Those include Secure Storage (DAR), Secure Communication (DIT), Secure Isolated Processing and Uniform Security Module (for IoT).
Data At Rest (DAR)
DAR is secure, isolated storage accessible only by authorized applications running on a host device. Data can be encrypted using 256-bit AES XTS (or custom algorithm).
Data In Transit (DIT)
MicroCloud X4 can encrypt data sent from a host using an optional trusted, hardware-isolated keystore and crypto engine. It utilizes MicroCloud X4’s unique Quad Core CoolEngine data processing unit featuring high data throughput at ultra-low power.